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Mobile caught fire… Two sisters were fighting over the phone, in anger they threw a 4 month old baby, he died during treatment, women arrested

Raigarh. Lailunga police have arrested the mother and real elder sister of the accused in the case of murder of a 4-month-old innocent child. To hide the crime, the family members had filed a false and fabricated report of head injury caused by the child falling from his mother's hand. In the PM report, the injury on the head of the child has been attributed to violent behavior due to hitting or colliding with a heavy solid object. Considering the seriousness of the matter, a meticulous investigation was conducted under the guidance of Superintendent of Police Divyang Kumar Patel.

During the investigation, separate opinion of the PM's female doctor was taken. The PM did not describe the injury as a simple fall. On this, the mother and family members of the deceased were strictly interrogated by the station in-charge. In which the incident was revealed.

Regarding the incident, the child's grandmother Samari Paikra lodged an intimation regarding the death of the child at Lailunga police station on January 16 that the child's mother Pooja Paikra was showing sunlight to the child on the slope of the road in the morning. At the same time, due to Pooja suddenly feeling dizzy, both mother and son fell from the slope. Due to which baby Ayush got hurt. He was admitted to Government Hospital Lailunga by ambulance. The baby died during treatment here. On which a trail was established and investigation was conducted. After receiving the PM report in the investigation and finding the case suspicious, police station in-charge Rajesh Jangde strictly interrogated the heirs of the deceased.

During this time it was revealed that on the morning of 16 January, the child's mother Pooja was asking for her elder sister Santoshi Paikra's mobile. There was a fight between the two for not giving the mobile. In the midst of this dispute, Pooja got angry and threw her four-month-old baby Ayush on the ground. Due to which the child died due to serious head injury. Lailunga Police has seized important evidence in the case and arrested the accused Pooja Paikra and Santoshi Paikra for the crime of murder and sent them on judicial remand.

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