‘Mother’ became unmarried for job: To get compassionate appointment in place of mother, she told herself to be unmarried, left husband and child too

The Uncut

Surguja: If a husband has a government job, he takes the responsibility of the entire house on himself. He has the strength to take care of his wife and educate the children. And when this responsibility is given to women or they get a government job, they start thinking that now they don’t need anything else. Something similar has happened in Surguja. Here, as soon as the wife got a government job, she left her husband and child to fend for themselves. Not only this, the wife has taken compassionate appointment by declaring herself unmarried in the affidavit.

Wife accused of compassionate appointment

Husband Deepak Rajwade complained that after the death of his mother, his wife claimed to be unmarried and took compassionate appointment. However, she is married and has a two-year-old son.

The wife is not even worried about the child

Husband Rajwada said that his wife Sulochani got a government job, after which she left the child and now refuses to come back. I have complained about this to Collector Surajpur and Executive Engineer Water Resources. But till now this matter has not been resolved.

how will the child be raised

The worried husband said that since his wife has left, he is facing a lot of difficulties in raising the child because his wife is not returning even after attending social meetings and discussions.

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