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Now show me your tension! Police action on annoying bike silencer, roller launched in the middle of the road

Ashutosh Tiwari, Rewa. In Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh, where hundreds of illegal silencers causing noise pollution and modified silencers making loud noise in the bikes, today the traffic police used a road roller in front of the police station. Let us tell you that the police had seized these silencers during vehicle checking.

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In recent times, the trend of removing company silencers from bullets and motor cycles and installing modified silencers on them has increased rapidly among the youth. Due to which they make loud noise as well as the sound of crackers bursting or gunshots. The traffic police confiscated them and today kept them on the road in front of the traffic police station and destroyed them with a road roller. So that a strong message reaches other people also. Due to which action has been taken today by getting the roller fired.

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