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Power Centre: Kissa-e-Bungalow.. Lottery.. Baba's refuge.. 'Collector' on target.. Angry over appointment.. Ruckus in Dhaba..- Ashish Tiwari

Column By- Ashish Tiwari, Resident Editor

kissa e bangla

Whenever Finance Minister OP Chaudhary writes his autobiography in future, this incident will definitely be recorded in it. This incident happened before the 2018 elections, when OP suddenly left bureaucracy and started on the path of becoming a leader. He had tendered his resignation while he was Raipur Collector. Secrecy had to be maintained before resignation. OP reached the bungalow of the then Chief Secretary Ajay Singh. He got his resignation typed in the bungalow office itself and submitted it to the Chief Secretary. Everyone knows the story after this. OP became a leader. His first election proved to teach a lesson. The second election registered his name in the documents of history. Got a big victory. Became Finance Minister in the government. It is a coincidence that after becoming a minister, OP is living in the same bungalow which had become the turning point of his life. Certainly, as soon as he stepped on the threshold of the bungalow, that picture must have flashed in OP's mind, when he had signed his resignation while sitting in one of its rooms. A rural boy, educated from a Hindi medium school, has made his share of the sky with his hard work by jumping on the footpaths of the village. OP Chaudhary says that even when he was a collector, he used to sleep on the ground, today he has become a minister. The height has increased, but even today the head gets solace by sleeping on the ground. This peace is also different because the bungalow on which his head rests was the means to fulfill his dreams.


Many people were stunned to see the transfer order of IPS officers. But seeing what the orders were doing, he squinted his eyes. Many captains posted in the previous government remain in the field. It is not that everyone is at fault. Most of the officers were successful in getting captaincy due to their ability, but there were some captains who lost the lottery. There was talk that he would be shunted. But remain skilled. Made his place in the new government also. Coal transport levy was a much-discussed scam of the then government. The levy collection of Rs 25 per tonne had such a bad impact on the government that later on, history was written in black ink. At that time, the government was collecting the levy by making a centralized system, on the other hand, Captain Saheb Rao was collecting the levy on the basis of every truck carrying the material to the factories. For recovery, a post of TI rank officer was put on duty by making a post on the bypass road. Seeing the matter coming into limelight, Captain Saheb changed his policy, but his intention remained the same. Got the post removed from the bypass road, but directly collaborated with the factory operators. Making faces, the factory operators kept filling Captain Saheb's pockets. There was one captain in the transfer order who had no qualms in retweeting the tweets of Congress leaders. Be it Teej festival or any government decision. If only the leaders were late in tweeting, Captain Saheb would have been ready to retweet. Captain Saheb was close to a big Congress leader. Well, the new government intends to establish the rule of law. Hopefully, such captains will move beyond their old antics and focus on policing.

Baba's refuge

Baba Bageshwar is very popular these days. When Baba comes to Raipur, a crowd of people gathers to listen to his story. Which leader, which officer and which businessman? Everyone thinks that just once they touch Baba's feet, life will be over. Happiness will be found with open arms. Progress will come quickly. The world itself will change. After the new government came to power in the state, the world of an officer changed overnight. The mind was not ready to accept, but everything had changed. The old masters were not there in the new government. 'Shaktipunj' was already inside the sinkchas. The colorful world suddenly became black and white. When the officers were in office, perhaps they had forgotten that 'times change'. Doesn't last'. Power-position is just a matter of time. It is there today, it will not be there tomorrow. The officer's timing changed. The officer has deep faith in worship. Hoping for betterment, he took refuge in Baba Bageshwar. Officers know that the benefit which they would not get even by roaming around with a certificate of their faith in the government, can be obtained by taking refuge in Baba. However, being engrossed in one's own supremacy can cause great harm in the future. In most cases 'position' brings ego, the one who survives it, his future. One more thing, the officer feels that the real power lies outside the government. The reality is that the government is the power. It is the government which establishes a system of religious activities. Now the officers don't know where their trust rests.

'Collector' on target

The collector of a district has become a thorn in the eye of the minister. There is talk that the minister has used his strength to change the collector. The reason for this is the ruckus that broke out before the elections. It is said that during the elections, when BJP was getting the form filled for Mahtari Vandan Yojana, the Collector had taken action. FIR was lodged against BJP workers. After winning the elections, the minister had said that atrocities had been committed on the workers and such officers would not be spared. But when the transfer order came, the Collector was not even a hair away. Since then the minister has linked it to his reputation. In the previous government, collectors were removed on the complaints of MLAs. An honest and rule-following collector who had gone to take over a new collectorate in a district was removed by the government just because he refused to give the contract to a contractor associated with a Congress MLA. But here in the case of the minister, it is not a matter of contract, but of respect. It is reported that soon a short list of IAS officers will be released. There is an indication that the Collector may be in danger of transfer.

angry over appointment

On one hand the minister is bent on removing the collector, on the other hand there is resentment over the appointment of an officer in public relations. Ajay Kumar Aggarwal was appointed to the post of Public Relations Director. Ajay is a 2008 batch State Administrative Service officer. Public Relations Officers Association is opposing his appointment. There was resentment even when Saumil Ranjan Choubey was appointed to this post in the previous government. The officers' organization had written a letter to the Chief Minister saying that the departmental work would be affected by the appointment of a junior officer. There is disappointment among public relations officers across the state. The officers involved in promoting government schemes are demoralized. The organization had also said that there are 20 officers of departmental cadre, who have been working in the department since the times of Madhya Pradesh. In such a situation, the appointment of a junior officer will raise questions on his competence. It is another matter that the government had then ignored the protests of the public relations officers. Once again, when a junior officer has been appointed, the commotion in the department has intensified. There is talk that the Public Relations Officers Association is preparing to lodge a protest against this decision.

ruckus in dhaba

Recently, I got kicked out of a birthday party. Eight-ten boys together beat up two boys. It is not known why and how the fight took place. But among the two boys who were beaten up, one boy turned out to be the son of a female IPS officer. The son of a female IPS had gone to a dhaba with his friend for a birthday party. The case was related to the beating of an IPS son, so the police is now searching for the boys who beat him. Currently no one found. When the government changed in the state. Then, with the change of government, many things automatically changed. Police strictness on night culture was one of them. The police wreaked havoc on the restaurants and dhabas that were decorated till late night. The police work on the formula of spontaneous reaction or want to be seen working. The government was new at that time, so the officers were pro-active. Now as the government is becoming old, the officers are also coming back to their ways.

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