Pregnant women are at greater risk of Zika virus, follow these tips to keep mother and child safe

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The truth is that Indian women compromise the most with their sleep. In our country, sleep has never been considered essential for health. The women of the house work till late at night and wake up early in the morning to start household chores. A recent study conducted at the University of Toronto has revealed that women need more sleep and more peace. Here, more means more sleep than men. More than ten thousand women participated in this study. According to this, the circadian rhythm in women is disturbed due to the estrogen hormone. This rhythm decides when one will feel hungry, when one will feel tired and when one will feel sleepy. Due to the disturbance in this rhythm, we need more sleep. This makes the hormones work properly and health remains good. 45 percent of the women involved in this study admitted that they could not sleep for more than five to six hours. Only 16 percent of the women slept for eight to nine hours every day. According to a report by the Sleep Foundation, women need 11 minutes to 24 minutes more sleep than men.

Avoid Zika virus during pregnancy

This is the season of Zika virus and other infections caused by mosquitoes. According to a news published in HT Lifestyle, Pune’s Motherhood Hospital has recently issued a guideline for pregnant women. According to this, Zika virus and other infections can affect the development of their fetus. Not only this, these viruses also harm the health of the pregnant woman. Dr. Mansi Sharma says, ‘Avoid traveling to any place during pregnancy where there is a risk of Zika virus. Coming in contact with this virus will have a bad effect on the health of the child.’ If you have to travel to a place where cases of this virus have been reported, then wear full clothes while going out and keep your body covered as much as possible. Try to stay in a ventilated or air-conditioned room. Do not come in contact with patients and keep your diet balanced. Always drink lukewarm water. A recent study has revealed that the effect of infection or virus caused by mosquito bites lasts for a long time, especially on women.

This hobby of tanning can prove costly

Women living in America and Europe are very fond of tanning their skin in the sun. According to a study conducted at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, due to this hobby of tanning, many women have now started taking tanning pills, which causes a tanning effect on their skin. But according to this study, taking this pill regularly can be fatal for the skin and health. Dr. Carter Gottlieb said that after taking tanning pills continuously for two months, the skin can turn dark. Apart from this, the skin can shrink and infection can also occur. Experts believe that such pills can also lead to loss of eyesight and can cause great harm to health.

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