Rainwater should not become a problem for the eyes, know how to avoid eye infection in this season

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Seeing the rain brings a smile on most people’s faces. But do you know that this is the season when people are most at risk of getting infections. Yes, rain is a season in which humidity increases, in such a situation bacteria grow very quickly. This is why it is advised to take special care of hygiene during this time. During this time, eye infections also spread very fast. In such a situation, in this article we are telling how to protect the eyes in the rainy season.

How to take care of your eyes during the rainy season

1) Keep hands clean – It is very important to keep your hands clean during the rainy season. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. It is most important to do this during monsoon. This is because many times a person unknowingly touches an infected place. In such a situation, if you touch your eyes with dirty hands, then germs from your hands can go into the eyes which cause irritation and infection.

2) Keep the lenses clean- It is difficult to ride a bike or car wearing glasses in the rain. In such a situation, people prefer to wear contact lenses. However, keep your contact lenses in the right solution.

3) Eye infections are dangerous. So avoid using someone else’s towel, napkin or personal care items to avoid bacteria and viruses.

4) Avoid going out in the rain- It feels great to get wet in the rain. But rain water can also become a problem. Sometimes, while playing, accidentally splashing dirty water in the eyes can cause serious eye infections.

5) Avoid going to swimming pools- In monsoon, swimming pool water gets contaminated by rainwater or even by an infected person. This also poses a risk to your eyes, skin, nose and ears.

6) Keep eye makeup products clean – Store your eye makeup products in a dry place. If your mascara brush or eyeliner pencil comes in contact with moisture, it can get contaminated with bacteria and viruses. So use the right disinfectant on the products before and after applying eye makeup.

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