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Ram temple verdict reflected India’s secularism: Shah in Lok Sabha

In an apparent swipe at some opposition members, he said those who imagine India without Lord Ram do not know India.

Critics used to mock the BJP over its promises alleging they were driven by electoral exigencies, he said, asserting that the Modi government banned triple talaq as well and fulfilled many other commitments.

The BJP and its leader Modi do what they say, he said.

India’s culture cannot be separated from Ramayana, Shah said and added that an over 300 years long struggle ended with the inauguration of the Ram mandir.

“The date of January 22 marks the beginning of the journey of great India.

This day paves the way for Maa Bharti (mother India) to take us on the path of becoming Vishwaguru (world leader).

It was a day that marked the hopes, aspirations and accomplishments of crores of devotees,” Shah said, adding that the Ram mandir is a sign of cultural rejuvenation.

Shah said the journey that started on January 22 will be carried forward and expressed confidence that the Modi government will come back to power in 2024 after the general elections.

The Ram mandir has been built following legal and constitutional mandate, Shah said, adding that the BJP kept its patience and the Ram temple was built in Ayodhya in a “harmonious environment”.

No political slogans were raised at the consecration ceremony, Shah said, adding, “I say with folded hands that accept the message of unity and move forward.”

Addressing critics, he said they should accept the overwhelming popular sentiment on the issue and not vitiate the atmosphere of joy and devotion.

Remembering BJP veteran Advani’s contribution with his ‘Rath Yatra’, he said it acted as an awakening for people and Modi during his tenure finally fulfilled their aspirations.

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