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Ramlala met Mahakal city Ujjain: 5 lakh laddus left for Ayodhya from Baba's court, CM Mohan thanked PM Modi

Manisha Tripathi, Bhopal. A gift of laddus has been sent to Shri Ramlala from the court of Mahakal. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has sent five lakh laddus made in Mahakal temple of Ujjain to Ayodhya. These laddus are being sent in 5 trucks. During this, CM Mohan said that Mahakal’s laddus are very famous. He has also thanked PM Modi.

Mahakal laddus are very famous

Before sending off the laddus prepared in Mahakal, a grand program was organized at Manas Bhawan, Bhopal. During this, CM Mohan said that if Baba sees Mahakal and does not see Lord Vishnu, then the darshan will remain incomplete. Baba Mahakal’s laddus are very famous.

Mahakaal received an invitation from Ram’s city: The chief priest of the temple will take ashes, conch shells, silver leaves and laddus to Ayodhya.

Ramlala met Mahakal city Ujjain: 5 lakh laddus left for Ayodhya from Baba's court, CM Mohan thanked PM Modi 3

Dr Yadav said that UP CM Yogi Adityanath told that the form of Lord Shri Ram is 2000 years old. This temple was also built by King Vikramaditya. After 500 years of struggle, this era is turning back in front of us. May God give wisdom to those who raise questions, even if you invite, questions arise. We wish them goodwill too, may Baba Mahakal give them wisdom.

Ujjain is reliable in itself

He said that after Valmiki ji, Tulsi ji’s Ramayana is a different type of Ramayana. It is a story of 17 lakh years old, it seems like it happened just yesterday, there are many things to learn from Lord Shri Ram. Try breaking any dignity and Lord Shri Ram adds all the context to bring dignity. Ujjain is reliable in itself, many temples are present here. The scientist’s amazing discovery about the geography of Ujjain was made 5000 years ago. Just as the remains of Ram Setu are found, so is Ujjain.

Actor Sunil Shetty in the shelter of Mahakal: Attended Bhasma Aarti with son, Minister Rakesh Singh visited with family

Thanks to PM Modi

Thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister said that the decisions about Prabhu Shri Ram Temple were taken after his resolution. We know how determined the 56 incher is. There are still people who are wandering in the name of votes. That is why we are distributing these laddus so that they also get sweetness. Today we are entering that era of God, we thank God for this.

Book Released

He further said that a book was also released today. On this special day many things about Lord Shri Ram Lal have been written. Today is Manas’s day, it will be historic in itself. When the turn comes to go to Ayodhya of Madhya Pradesh, we all will go to visit remembering King Vikramaditya.

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