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Rampaging Elephant Creates Panic in Rural Areas

Jashpur– The problem of elephant menace persists in the district as these majestic creatures continue to cause significant damage by encroaching upon rural areas. This has created a sense of panic and fear among the villagers. Adding to the concerns, a rampaging elephant recently strayed into a rural area and wreaked havoc by demolishing a house. The forest department is diligently monitoring the movement of elephants and issuing alerts to the local populace.

In Pathalgaon and Kansabel areas, the relentless elephant has been causing havoc for three consecutive days. It has already destroyed four houses across six villages, including Tangar village. The severe incursions of the elephant have instilled a deep sense of fear and anxiety among the affected residents. Two forest department teams have been dispatched to the village to alert and educate the villagers. Unfortunately, the ferocious elephant continues to roam through residential areas, posing a constant threat.

The authorities must devise effective strategies to mitigate human-elephant conflict and ensure the safety of the villagers and the elephants. The focus should be on implementing measures that discourage elephant encroachment into human settlements while promoting conservation efforts and providing appropriate habitats for these magnificent animals.

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