Rohit told the Prime Minister, Chahal and Kuldeep suggested me to lift the trophy in that way

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New Delhi. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the T20 World Cup champion team, captain Rohit Sharma told him about his dance moves before lifting the World Cup trophy, Jasprit Bumrah complained about not getting his favourite ‘idli’ and ‘parantha’ in West Indies, while Suryakumar Yadav was seen full of enthusiasm while talking about his brilliant catch in the final match.

The Prime Minister’s interaction with the T20 World Cup winning players took place on Thursday but the details of the interaction were released on Friday. During this, Modi had a light-hearted conversation with the players and patted them on the back for making the country proud. Rohit said during this meeting, “This was a very big moment for us and we were waiting for this for a long time. Therefore, the players said to do something different while going on stage to lift the trophy.” During this, amid the laughter of the players, Modi asked whether this method was the brainchild of Yuzvendra Chahal. Rohit replied, “It was the idea of ​​Chahal and Kuldeep (Yadav).” The Prime Minister later asked Kuldeep how he dared to ask his captain to dance.

Amidst another round of laughter, Kuldeep said, “He did not do what I told him to do.” Modi asked Bumrah, who became the best player of the tournament with 15 wickets, whether he went to the field after eating his favorite food Idli? The fast bowler said, “I was not getting any Idli or Paratha in West Indies. We were managing with whatever was available.” Regarding the memorable catch taken by Suryakumar Yadav in the final, Modi wanted to know whether the players practice taking catches like this? Chief coach Rahul Dravid told Modi that Suryakumar has taken at least 150 such catches during practice.

On this, Suryakumar Yadav said, “From IPL to the beginning of the tournament (T20 World Cup), I have caught many such catches. But I did not know that God would give me a chance in such a situation. I practiced for such a situation.” On this, Modi said, “The whole country was under pressure and because of that catch, the course of the match changed. You are lucky that you caught this catch.” All-rounder Hardik Pandya revealed that in the celebration after this catch, the team players forgot to ask Suryakumar whether he had caught the catch correctly.

He said, “When Suryakumar took the catch, everyone celebrated, but later they realized that at least we should ask Suryakumar if the catch was correct and get his confirmation. Then, he said that it was perfect and he had taken a match-changing catch.” Pandya then talked about the difficult time he faced in the last six months.
When Modi asked Virat Kohli about his innings in the final match, he said, “I could not contribute to this tournament as I wanted to. At one point, I told Rahul (Dravid) bhai that I have not yet done justice to myself and the team.”

Kohli, who was the ‘Man of the Match’ in the final, said, “(In the final) when we came out to bat, I hit three fours on the first four balls. Then I went and told Rohit what kind of a game is this, one day it seems that not a single run will be scored and then the next day comes and everything starts happening.” In the final, India lost three wickets for 34 runs. Kohli made a comeback in the match by partnering with Akshar Patel.

Kohli said, “When the wickets fell, I felt that in such a situation I have to give my all for the team. My focus was on what is necessary for the team at this time.” He said, “I had to leave my ego behind for the team. I gave ‘respect’ to the game and that day the game gave me respect. I came to know that when something has to happen, it happens. It had to happen with me and the team.” Rohit said that the players were desperate to win the T20 World Cup.

He said, “We went to New York for the first time and there was no good ground for practice, there were difficulties. But nobody was paying attention to those things. Everyone was thinking how we will play the final in Barbados. I felt good to captain such a team in which everyone has the same goal.” The Indian captain said, “The aim of this group is to inspire the next generation by winning the World Cup.” On the matter of Rohit tasting the soil of the Barbados wicket after the victory, Modi said that only an ‘Indian’ will be able to do this.

He said, “The life of a cricketer is on the pitch and you have kissed the life of cricket, only an Indian can do this.” Rohit said, “I always want to remember the pitch and that one moment where we win. That’s why I tasted it.” The Prime Minister said that the success of the cricket team is not limited to just one game. It has an impact on other sports as well.

He said, “The journey of Indian cricket has been very successful, cricket has also given rise to ambition in other sports. And sports people think that if it can happen in cricket, then why can’t it happen here. A great service is being done through you.” The Prime Minister talked about cricket being included in the list of medal sports in the 2028 Olympics, on which Dravid expressed hope that BCCI and the players will make all possible preparations to win the gold medal. He said, “I hope that many players of this team will be there (in the 2028 Olympics). There will be nothing more joyful than winning a gold medal there.”

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