Salary withheld for 1 year reached the account the next day after applying for Jandarshan: Chief Minister

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Raipur: The faces of 28 employees working in paddy collection centers lit up when they received their salary which was pending for a year. Actually these employees had gone to the public darshan program of Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai with great hope, the Chief Minister considered their application sympathetically and gave instructions to get the salary to these employees.

In the Chief Minister’s Jandarshan program, the employees working in 6 paddy collection centers of Raipur reached the Chief Minister’s residence office with applications on the 4th of this month. These employees told the Chief Minister about their problems in detail. The employees told that they have not received salary for a long time, due to which the employees are upset. They are only getting assurances from the departmental officials. The Chief Minister listened to these employees carefully and asked the Collector Raipur to get the salary for these employees.

On the instructions of Chief Minister Shri Sai, Collector Dr. Gaurav Singh took the initiative to get the departmental officers their salaries the very next day of Jandarshan. He gave strict instructions to the departmental officers in this regard. After this, the salaries of 28 employees of paddy collection centers were transferred to their bank accounts.

On receipt of the amount in the bank account, the employees of Paddy Collection Center Baktara, Mr. Kunjalal Chandrakar, Mr. Nokhelal Sahu of village Kurudbhatha, Mr. Hirdesh Sahu of village Jaunda and other employees were very happy and expressed their gratitude to Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai for taking prompt action and getting their salaries released.

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