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Shankaracharya reached CG: Said regarding Lok Sabha elections – Parties should give affidavit to stop cow slaughter, if they can do this then welcome… Said this about changing the idol of Shri Ram in Chandkhuri

Nitin Namdev, Raipur. Astrologer Jagatguru Shankaracharya Swami Avimukteshwaranand Saraswati reached Raipur today. He will participate in the programs organized in Bemetara and Kawardha. During this time he has given a big statement regarding cows and Naxalites. He said that cow slaughter is the biggest issue for us in the Lok Sabha elections. We will demand from the Chhattisgarh government to give the status of Rajmata to Gomata. So that the Central Government can also give the status of Mother of the Nation to the cow. Cow slaughter did not stop during the golden age of independence. Those who join the groups of cow slaughterers will not be accepted as Hindus. Those who vote for parties that kill cows will be guilty of the sin of cow slaughter.

Regarding Naxalites, he said that people in Chhattisgarh are promoting Naxalism for their personal interests.
Alienation from Naxalites will have to be removed and talks will have to be held. They will have to be included in the mainstream. By establishing dialogue, the wrong families in the minds of Naxalites will have to be removed. Strict action will have to be taken against the leaders who instigate Naxalites.

Give an affidavit to stop cow slaughter – Shankaracharya

Regarding Lok Sabha, he said that elections are about to come. That's why we are celebrating Amrit Mahotsav as independence. People of the country as well as the people of the state. We are not speaking keeping any party in mind. We are speaking keeping the elections in mind. He is speaking keeping in mind his Hindu brothers who are Sanatan Dharmis. The issue of mother cow is a very old issue of ours. Who knows how many people have sacrificed their lives for Mother Cow. The country's independence was also achieved for mother cow. When Mangal Pandey was asked to open the cartridge through his mouth, but it contained cow fat, he refused. It was because of fat that the British revolution took place.
Cow has a big contribution. The same cow is also being killed in the country. Till then all politics is useless. Therefore, we have decided that after holding Go Sansad, we are leaving Prayag. Virat village parliament was held there on 6th. A resolution has been passed in it that any person who is connected in any way with the killing of a cow. We will stop calling him Hindu. We will end relations with him and at the same time it has been said that the Hindu people who vote for cow-killing parties will also be participating in the sin. Therefore, before the elections, we want to tell all the political parties which are registered with the Election Commission to give an affidavit that if you come to power, the first thing you will do is that we will erase the stigma of cow slaughter from our heads. If you can do it then you are welcome. Otherwise we will think that you are our opponent.

He further said that he will also go to the places where cows are being tortured. This is a cow devotee state. There is no injustice towards cows here. That's why we want them to be completely protected. That is why we want the Chhattisgarh government to declare her as the state mother. So that it becomes convenient for the Central Government to declare her as the Mother of the Nation.

Shankaracharya spoke on knowledge based

At the beginning of the puja at Gyanvrip, he said that we will go there again to all the similar businesses where atrocities have been committed against us. Will go and start his worship. This is the right of Hindus. They tortured us and did not speak until we were able to speak. If we speak, we have our own power. It is our right to take back our old place. What is wrong with this?

use of religion in politics

Regarding the use of religion in politics, Shankaracharya said that political people are doing it for their own benefit. Whatever issue is in people's mind, they use it. Politicians are using religion for political purposes. it means
Religion occupies a prominent place in the minds of the people of India. Religious matters keep entering his mind. That is why political people use religion in politics to take advantage of it. Regarding religion, Shankaracharya said that where animosity spreads, bitterness spreads, hatred spreads, separation continues, it means it is not a religion. Religion is cement. Which works by joining two bricks to make one. But if for some reason hatred is spreading in the country, then it is not religion. That is unrighteousness in the name of religion.

Shankaracharya said on changing the idol of Shri Ram from Chandkhuri

On the statement of changing the idol of Lord Ram in Chandkhuri Kosalya Mata temple, Avimukteshwaranand Maharaj said that at the time when the deity is consecrated, the idol is considered at that time. Once established, we make up and remove any shortcomings. Where God resides, everything is sweet. Where God resides, there will be only beauty. If no beauty is visible in the sitting God then it would be the fault of our eyes.

Shankaracharya's statement regarding drug addiction

Regarding drugs, he said that the government is making people drink alcohol. When the lockdown was imposed, the liquor shop was the first to be opened. The government receives revenue. So the government is increasing the factors due to which crime increases for its own sake.
So first of all the government should stop it. We will talk to others later.

One is doing politics of religion, one has to do politics of caste – Shankaracharya

Regarding caste census in politics, Shankaracharya said why one wants to conduct caste census. you say aside
That we residents of India are all one. There are many different colors and costumes. We all living in India are one. So if someone personally believes in his caste then let him believe it. He is living his life according to it. If he is performing puja, marriage rituals etc. then let him do it. These politicians have to do caste politics. One is doing politics of religion, one has to do politics of caste. This politics is not right. For personal injustice do it for your own sake. Varna system was created for the development of the individual. Caste has been created for the sake of order. Caste has not been created for politics. Therefore, caste census is not appropriate because of politics.

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