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Shruti makes romantic advances towards Anuj; leaves Anu uncomfortable

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Anupamaa serial spoiler: The Gaurav Khanna and Rupali Ganguly starrer show is captivating audiences with its interesting storyline. Viewers are loving the recent drama where the entire Shah family is back in Anu’s life. On the other hand, marriage preparations of Anuj and Shruti have begun. In the recent episode, we witnessed how Anuj slammed Aadhya for always using her past trauma to be rude to everyone, especially her mother Anu. In the upcoming episode, you will witness how Shruti tries to get close to Anuj during the Holi celebration, which makes him and Anu super uncomfortable. Also Read – Anupamaa: Netizens feel Anuj is too late in calling out Aadhya’s crass behaviour towards Anu; say ‘It’s not enough’

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Anupamaa serial spoiler

The episode starts with Baapu Ji, Baa, Vanraj, and the rest of the kids arriving at Kinjal’s house. Upon seeing Kinjal disturbed, Baa asks if everything is okay. Anu tells the kids to go to the next room. She then reveals how goons barged into the house and even threatened to kill Kinjal and kidnap Pari. Hearing this, Vanraj is shocked. Anu makes Vanraj understand that in order to save Toshu, he can’t put everyone’s life in danger. Anu explains that if Toshu continues to hide from the police, there’s a huge possibility that he can land into more trouble. She tells either the police can shoot Toshu or the kidnapper may shoot any of the family members. Anu reminds Vanraj that he very well knows what happens when someone gets shot, hinting at Swamar’s death. Also Read – Anupamaa serial spoiler: Anuj slams Aadhya for playing a victim card; Anu chalks out a master plan to bring Toshu back

Vanraj then realizes his mistake, where he confesses that while he did have a word with Toshu on the phone a few days back, he does not have any idea where exactly he is. Anu decides that come what may, the kids will celebrate Holi tomorrow.

Shruti makes romantic advances towards Anuj; leaves Anu uncomfortable

In the upcoming episode, a lot of twists and turns await. Titu is the star performer at the Holi event. Vanraj, Dimpy, and everyone see Titu. Beeji tells Yashdeep not to hide the truth and tell every staff member that their bistro, Spice N Chutney, may shut down. On the other hand, Shruti, under the influence of bhang, tries to get close to Anuj, which makes him super uncomfortable. Upon seeing Shruti and Anuj’s closeness, Anu too becomes extremely awkward.

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