side effects of drinking tea or coffee after taking meal can be dangerous to health

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Side Effects Of Drinking Tea After Meal: Most people in India take the help of a cup of tea to start their morning well and to get rid of the fatigue of the day. If you are also fond of drinking tea and do not forget to sip tea before or after every meal of the day, then you are unknowingly causing great harm to your health. Yes, drinking tea immediately before or after eating food, at the wrong time can cause many big damages to your health. Let us know about some such health related damages.

Disadvantages of drinking tea after eating food-

Digestive problems-

The habit of drinking tea after eating can have a bad effect on your digestive system. By doing this, your digestive system is not able to digest the food properly. Due to which a person can be troubled by problems like gas and acidity. Actually, drinking milk tea immediately after eating can affect the digestive juice formed in the body. Due to which it takes more time to digest the food.

blood pressure –

The amount of caffeine present in tea can increase a person’s blood pressure and cause health problems. In such a situation, if you are already a patient of high blood pressure, then do not consume tea after meals.

Iron deficiency-

Drinking tea after meals deprives the body of the nutrients it needs. Due to which there is a deficiency of iron in the body and the risk of anemia increases for the person.

Headache –

2.8% lactose is found in the milk used to make tea. This lactose sometimes causes gas problems for a person. This is because the properties of lactose are not able to digest sugar easily, which causes gas problems.


Excessive consumption of tea can cause sleep related problems for a person. If you have a habit of drinking tea immediately after eating food, then doing so can cause problems like gas, indigestion, acidity. Due to which a person’s sleep gets affected and he may have to face the problem of insomnia.

How much Facin is safe to take in a day?

According to ICMR, a person is advised to consume only 300 mg of caffeine daily. Doctors also recommend avoiding tea or coffee for at least an hour before and after eating. This is because tannin is present in tea, which can reduce the absorption of iron in the body. Let us tell you, tannin binds with iron in the stomach, making it difficult for the body to absorb iron properly, which can increase the risk of anemia for a person.

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