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Situation under control as paramilitary forces deployed in Haldwani amid curfew

The CM instructed the police to deal firmly with the rioters. Dhami also urged the people of Haldwani to cooperate in maintaining peace and order.

Near the area of ‘Malik ka Bagicha’, the epicenter of the unrest, individuals were seen throwing stones from rooftops onto the streets below. The situation quickly escalated as the crowd grew increasingly aggressive, encircling officials and police officers, and launching a barrage of projectiles at them. Seeking safety, officers and constables sought refuge in nearby buildings, alleys, and any secure locations available to protect themselves from the onslaught.

During the attack, Constable Santosh Bisht, who was injured, said, “Even during the action against illegal construction, stones were raining down. I managed to protect myself with security measures. But as soon as the machine was removed, the crowd became aggressive. When we started running, some people from behind caught us and started hitting. However, some local residents took us into their homes and saved us.”

Another constable Chandra Kandpal, who was injured in stone-pelting, said, “There was continuous stone pelting and protesters were also raising slogans against the removal of encroachments. Despite our efforts to defend ourselves, we suffered several injuries to our hands and feet in the process”.

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