So far the country has received 20 percent less rainfall than normal, farmers’ concern increases

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New Delhi: Despite the early arrival of monsoon in the country, North India is still waiting for rain. The worrying thing is that till now the country has received 20 percent less rain than normal. In fact, normally the monsoon knocks on the southern coast around June 1, after which it gradually spreads across the country. During this time, farmers grow crops like rice, cotton, soybean and sugarcane, but less rain has raised lines of worry on the foreheads of the farmers.

Let us tell you that these days good rains are being seen in the southern states. Apart from these areas, less than normal rainfall has been recorded across the country so far. Soybean, cotton, sugarcane and pulses are produced in central India. There has been 29 percent less rainfall in these areas. On the other hand, in the southern regions, where paddy is cultivated, 17 percent more rainfall than normal has been recorded.

68 percent less rain in the North-West

The condition of the North-West region is the worst in terms of rainfall. Here the rainfall has been 68 percent less than normal. The Northeast has recorded 20 percent less rainfall than normal.

Scorching heat across northern India

In North India, the maximum temperature has remained above 40 degrees Celsius for more than a month. Due to this, 65 people have died in Uttar Pradesh and 20 in Bihar. At the same time, there is no possibility of getting relief from this heat for more than ten days.

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