Home Madhya Pradesh Special Story: Kartik Joshi of Indore will run 1008 kilometers to increase India's GDP, will reach Ayodhya in 14 days.

Special Story: Kartik Joshi of Indore will run 1008 kilometers to increase India's GDP, will reach Ayodhya in 14 days.

Special Story: Kartik Joshi of Indore will run 1008 kilometers to increase India's GDP, will reach Ayodhya in 14 days.

Hemant Sharma, Indore. The entire country is waiting for 22 January. On this day, Lord Shri Ram will be consecrated in Ayodhya temple. Lakhs of people will participate in the program. Some people will reach Ayodhya by bus, train and plane while some have left for Ayodhya on foot. In this series, Karthik Joshi of Indore will start the race with Ranjit Hanuman of the city on January 5. After running for 14 days, after traveling a distance of 1008 kilometers, they will reach Ayodhya and participate in the Pran Pratishtha and inauguration program of the temple. Kartik Joshi started by running 13 kilometers. Till date 60 thousand kilometers have been run in 6 years. Before this, Karthik Joshi had traveled a non-stop distance of 277 kilometers. They believe that everyone can make an offering to God, but offering an offering of faith is not within everyone's reach. I will run and sweat with my hard work and will complete the journey in 14 days only because of his 14 years of exile. I consider the number 1008 very auspicious, hence have prepared a map of 1008 kilometers. After reaching the temple, I will also seek wishes for the GDP growth of the country so that people can get financial help and the country's economy can also improve. Till now he has achieved his record by running in two countries and 15 states of India.

Financial situation worsened after father's health deteriorated

Kartik Joshi tells that in 2013 and 2014 there used to be a restaurant in the house. At that time, due to ill health of the father, all the money was spent in the hospital, due to which the financial conditions worsened. After that he started a small tea shop. There was some income from there. Karthik lives with his parents in a small room on rent in Scheme No. 71 of Indore and has to take the help of sponsors to participate in the competition.

Traveled 500 kilometers at the age of 11

Karthik, who has brought fame not only to Indore but also to the country, has medals and world records in his name. It is said that at the age of 11, he started from Indore and reached Rajasthan. After that, when he reached Indore Police Training Ground to run for the first time, he got tired and stopped after running 400 kilometers. A question arose in my mind that running was not my cup of tea, but after seeing others running there, the desire to run again arose in my mind and I completed the 13 kilometer race in the first attempt. Since then, he has covered a distance of 60 thousand kilometers in 6 years. In the present scenario, he has achieved many record breaking achievements by winning hundreds of medals including gold, silver, bronze in more than 120 marathons in 15 states of the country.

(1) Completed the 88 km Comrades Run Marathon held in South Africa in just 7 hours 26 minutes and stood first in the country and earned a silver medal. In the history of Comrade Run Marathon in the last 100 years, Karthik is the first runner from the country to do so, creating history by winning the silver medal by completing this marathon in less than 7:30 hours.
(2) USA qualified for the World Championship held in America three times in a row.
(3) Selection in the Indian team for 100 km Asian Championship.
(4) 7-time winner of India Backyard Ultra Marathon.
(5) Winner of Tiranga Stadium Run Marathon for five consecutive times, running 121 kilometers in 12 hours.
(6) 2-time winner of the 56 km Trail-A-Than Marathon.
(7) Bronze medal winner in India Open 24 Hour Stadium Run Marathon.

record after record

(8) South Africa Comrade Run Marathon: Completed the 88 km race in the shortest time in 7 hours 26 minutes and won the silver medal by being the fastest runner of India for two consecutive times.
(9) 1645 km race in 24 days Beat the Hit June 30 Day Running Challenge Competition Third place in the country.
(10) Under the cleanliness public awareness campaign, ran 651 kilometers in 30 days in 69 wards of Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
(11) 277 km in 41 hours Haryana Gold Medal.
(10) Gurugram Gold Medal in 39 hours, 262 km
(12) 250 km Hennur Bamboo Ultra Marathon Bengaluru Winner.
(13) 220 km Hennur Bamboo Ultra Marathon Karnataka 3rd place.
(14) 203 km 24 Hour Stadium Run Marathon Bengaluru 3rd place.
(15) Under the Beti Bachao Shiksha Dilaao campaign, a 200 kilometer race from Indore to Bhopal was conducted to create public awareness campaign.
(16) World Champion Sheep qualified for the third consecutive time in India Backyard Ultra Marathon 195 km race in 29 hours (USA).
(17) 3rd place in 176 km 24 Hour Stadium Run Marathon Mumbai.
(18) 170 km race in 25 hours Swaraj Backyard Ultra Marathon Pune Maharashtra Silver Medal.
(19) 148 km Aravali Gurugram winner in 22 hours.
(20) 141 km in 21 hours World Championship Indore Madhya Pradesh Gold Medal.
(21) 121 km Tiranga Stadium Run Marathon in 12 hours, fifth consecutive victory.
(22) India Open Delhi 116 km bronze medal in 12 hours.
(23) 17 Hours 114 Km Never Give Up Ultra Marathon Ahmedabad Gold Medal.
(24) 100 km Sky Running The Hell Race 6371 m Elevation Solang Valley Manali Himachal Pradesh Successfully completed one of the most challenging marathons held in inaccessible hilly areas of India.
(25) 90 km endurathon marathon mahableshwar gold medal
(26) 61 km day night track run marathon in 6 hours Delhi second place.
(27) 56 km Trailathon Marathon Faridabad course record in 4 hours 25 minutes Winner for 2 consecutive years.
(28) 42 km Indore in 3 hours.
(29) Chief Minister Cup 2017 2018 High Jump Indore 1st place.
(30) Chief Minister Cup 2017 2018 1000 meter race Indore 3rd place.

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