State GST is strict on businessmen who do not pay GST tax on time

The Uncut

Raipur. In the last few years, a large number of construction works and purchase of materials have been done in the districts from DMF funds, but the government has not received GST in proportion to the amount spent by it. The Business Intelligence Unit formed in the State GST is using AI based IT tools to analyze such businessmen who have made government supplies but have not paid GST.

On the instructions of Finance Minister OP Chaudhary, continuous action is being taken in such cases. In this connection, some businessmen were investigated and tax was deposited by them. Tax evasion of Rs 91 lakh was detected in the case of a businessman named Bharat Infra of Keshkal and tax evasion of Rs 2.5 crore was detected in Shri Krishna Enterprises of Raipur. Out of this, Rs 1.75 crore has been recovered by the tax department. Another similar case has been detected in the Horticulture Department in which the department has issued a notice to Kisan Agrotech, a company supplying shade nets.

Businessmen who indulge in this type of tax evasion often claim ITC on bogus bills to show less tax liability but forget that now the department has many such IT tools due to which it is difficult to escape in such cases. The state tax department is also constantly holding meetings with businessmen to make them aware that they should not adopt any shortcut to avoid tax liability. Finance Minister OP Chaudhary has also appealed to the businessmen to pay their taxes honestly.

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