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Strange: Body builder races with a bus inside BRTS in Indore, video goes viral

Chunky Bajpayee, Indore. In the increasing cold and fog in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, while on one hand people are going out wearing warm clothes, on the other hand, a video of a bare-bodied body builder racing with a bus is going viral on social media.

Actually, a video is going viral on social media in Indore in which a young man is seen racing with a bus that came inside BRTS. Before the bus arrived, the young man exercised for a long time and as soon as the bus reached near him, he immediately stood up. He happened to run along with the bus and went ahead of the bus. Many passengers of the bus were also looking at him. On the other hand, someone would be running ahead of him making a video. Any kind of accident could have happened to the passenger or youth sitting in the bus. Currently, the viral video on social media is being said to be of a young man named body builder Anmol. The traffic department and BRTS administration say that the video has just come to their notice and is being investigated.

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