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Sukma’s picture has improved with development works, now people are not afraid to go late at night: Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel

Raipur. In the last four years, large scale development works have been done in Sukma district. Infrastructure like education, health, roads were strengthened and security system was also strengthened. Earlier there was apprehension in the minds of the people about going to Sukma late at night. Now people travel freely. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said this on the occasion of inauguration-Bhoomipujan program worth Rs 303 crore virtually in Sukma district. The Chief Minister said on this occasion that the first assembly on entering Chhattisgarh from South India is Konta of Sukma district. We made plans for the development of Sukma district with everyone’s cooperation here and implemented it. There has been a big change here in these years and you can feel it by reaching here. We have improved security here. Started school again in Jagargunda after 13 years.

It is noteworthy that on this occasion, the Chief Minister dedicated 131 development and construction works worth Rs. 303.67 crore, in which 33 development works costing Rs. The foundation stone of 98 development and construction works is included.

On this occasion, the Chief Minister said that he wanted to meet the people physically but due to heavy rains it was not possible, he is sorry but he was able to connect with you virtually, he is satisfied. The best thing is that it is raining and it is very useful for our region.

The Chief Minister said that during the meeting, decisions were taken on the demands made by Minister Kawasi Lakhma for development works in Sukma district and solid foundation of infrastructure has been laid here. Today, major works related to education, health and infrastructure have been inaugurated-Bhoomi Pujan has been done. He said that we are working on all the subjects, be it the recruitment of Bastar fighters or fair rate for Tendupatta collectors.

On this occasion, Excise and Industries Minister Kawasi Lakhma said that major works have been done for infrastructure development in the state during the four and a half years under the leadership of the Chief Minister. He not only waived the loan and gave fair price to the farmers for paddy, but also decided to buy 20 quintals of paddy per acre. Tendupatta worth Rs 50 crore 27 lakh has been collected in Sukma district this year, which has benefited the forest dwellers.

Bastar MP Deepak Baij said in his address that whenever we talked about the development plans of Bastar, the Chief Minister completed it. Very good work is being done for the all-round development of the people in Bastar. The development works being done in Bastar have given Bastar a unique identity in the map of the country and the world. District Panchayat President Harish Kawasi also addressed the program on this occasion. Collector Harish S gave detailed information about the inauguration and foundation stone laying works. Sukma Collector Harish S gave detailed information in his report about the inauguration and foundation stone works done by the Chief Minister worth Rs.303.67 crore in Sukma district.

Chief Minister’s announcements- On this occasion, the Chief Minister announced a sports complex at the district headquarters Sukma. Along with this, he also upgradation of sub-health center Bhejji to primary health center, approval of building for primary health center Kistaram, construction of 28 primary school buildings in development block Konta, central library and youth hostel for boys and girls, 100 seater ashram building in Bodko. announced the construction of

He announced construction of 100 seater ashram building at Mankapal, operation of Chhindgarh mega water supply scheme through Public Health Engineering Department and approval of B.Ed./D.Ed College Sukma. He also approved Rs 6 crore for the construction work of bus stand Sukma, Rs 4 crore for the construction work of bus stand Dornapal. Along with this, he also announced the acceptance of pre-matric children’s hostel Kundanpal, acceptance of children’s ashram Dabbakonta building, new high school in Kistaram.

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