The condition of Anganwadi centres is pathetic: no building and no menu chart, who will save the children from malnutrition?

The Uncut

Saranggarh- Everything from the building to the menu chart has been ruined in the Anganwadi centres of Sarangarh-Bilaigarh district of Chhattisgarh. The children here are not getting better facilities. The state government has started the Anganwadi scheme to keep children away from malnutrition. But how much of it is being followed. You can see this in the Anganwadi centres here.

Children up to 6 years of age come to Anganwadi centres for education and food. It is the responsibility of teachers and administration to take care of them. But there are many panchayats where these centres do not even have a roof.

The building is not ready for 4 years

The children are forced to study in a rented house in the Anganwadi located in Chantipali due to the lack of a building for the last 4 years. The way wooden items have been stored in the Anganwadi, it seems that accidents can happen anytime. It can also become a den for a poisonous snake. From here they are given nutritious food which includes pulses, gram flour, maize, sattu, iodised salt and porridge. So that the children do not remain malnourished. But here only food is being supplied.

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