There will be another election for the Nagar Palika president: Order given to conduct it within a week, Rishi Sharma had resigned

The Uncut

Kawardha- After the much talked about case in Kawardha Nagar Palika of Kabirdham district, which is considered a hot seat in Chhattisgarh politics, Nagar Palika President Rishi Sharma resigned. Therefore, now the Nagar Palika President will be re-elected here. For which the High Court has ordered to conduct the election within a week.


Let us tell you, after the formation of the new government, the hustle and bustle for the post of president in the Nagar Palika had started. After the BJP government came to power, in the hometown of Deputy CM Vijay Sharma, the BJP forcibly imposed a BJP councilor on the people of Kawardha by nominating him for the post of Nagar Palika president despite the Congress councilors having a majority in the Nagar Palika. At present, Manharan Kaushik is the acting president from BJP.

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