Thieves stole six goats worth two lakh rupees, the joy of Bakrid of the goat owners vanished

The Uncut

New Delhi. Three people stole six goats in Wazirabad in north-west Delhi, leaving their owners with a loss of Rs 2 lakh and clueless about how they will celebrate Eid next week. Officials said the theft in Wazirabad on Monday was recorded on CCTV cameras. The goats belonged to two men who had tied them on an empty plot of land near their homes. They had locked the gate of the plot.

It is seen in the CCTV that since this ‘I20’ car (of the thieves) could not enter the narrow lane, three people (thieves) with their faces covered with mufflers went to the plot on foot. It is seen in the CCTV that they cut the lock with a ‘gas cutter’ and then took away the goats one by one from there. Then they put them in the car parked outside and left from there. A senior police officer said that the police received a call about the theft at 10:25 am on Monday. According to him, the police was told that these goats were bought two months ago to be sacrificed on Bakrid next week.

Mohammad Rashekh, the owner of the four stolen goats, said, “It is our holy custom that we feed them (goats) for a few days before sacrificing them on Bakrid. The cost of these six goats was more than two lakh rupees.” Rashekh does part-time business and lives in a house with his wife and three children. He had kept these goats in the plot next to this house.

He said, “We have informed the police, but there is very little chance of getting them back. Perhaps, this time we will be able to celebrate the festival with only one or two goats, I will buy one or two goats soon.” Mohammad Sakib, the owner of the two stolen goats, said that this incident happened when everyone was sleeping. He said, “Somehow, we had collected money to buy two goats for sacrifice on Bakrid. I do not have money now to buy more goats.” Sakib works as a ‘medical representative’. He also lives in a house next to that plot.

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