Vaibhav Raj Gupta, who became famous with ‘Gullak’, said, Mumbai taught me to be patient

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Mumbai. Actor Vaibhav Raj Gupta, who became famous with ‘Gullak’, believes that good things come to those who wait. He describes his journey from Sitapur town of Uttar Pradesh to the city of dreams as wonderful. After appearing in more than half a dozen short films, Gupta made his Bollywood debut with a supporting role in the Sonakshi Sinha starrer ‘Noor’ (2017). He later appeared in a small role in Prime Video’s show ‘Inside Edge’. He has also worked in the web series ‘Good Bad Girl’ and ‘Mai’.

But it was the show ‘Gullak’ where he became a household name as Annu Bhaiya, the eldest son of the Mishra family at the centre of the popular series. Gupta is looking forward to the premiere of the fourth season of ‘Gullak’. He says it took him years to reach a point where he can choose the roles he wants.

He told PTI-Bhasha in an interview, “It took me many years to reach here. Mumbai has taught me to be patient. I am not going anywhere from here. I am not in a hurry for anything. I want to live every moment. I enjoy my life, I like it, I am happy.” ‘Gullak’ is a show representing the stories of the life of a lower middle class family in small towns in India with laughter, banter and ups and downs. It also stars Jameel Khan, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Harsh Mayar and Sunita Rajwar in lead roles.

Gupta said that ‘Gullak’, which first came out in 2019, has been accepted by the audience with great love. Its popularity increased a lot during the Covid pandemic and he still gets ‘long and beautiful messages’ from his fans. He said, “In the third season, we have shown that the father has a heart attack. I got emotional reactions to this from people who shared their similar stories. I was shooting in Goa and every day, I used to get 50 messages. I read every message to know how people connected with this story.” The actor said that whenever his parents come to visit him in Mumbai, he remembers many such things, including how his mother used to organize the house and keep the clothes in order without telling him anything.

Crediting writer Nikhil Vijay (from season one), he said, “We worked a lot on ‘style, tempo and delivery’. This helped me make the character my own. I come from a small town, so I have seen such people around me many times.” Produced by TVF, the fourth season of ‘Gullak’ is based on a screenplay written by Durgesh Singh and directed by Shreyansh Pandey. It will air on Sony Liv from June 7. Gupta will also be seen in Yash Raj Entertainment’s series ‘Mandla Murders’ on Netflix.

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