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What is your status… During the drivers' strike, the collector got angry at the driver, the reply came – This is the fight… Congress shared the video

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Shajapur. The strike of transporters in Madhya Pradesh has now been postponed. But meanwhile, a video of the conversation between administrative officials and drivers is going viral. In which he is talking to the striking drivers about their status. During the meeting with the drivers, the Collector got angry at a driver and said – What is your status? The driver from the front replied that this is the fight that we have no standing.

Actually, this video has surfaced from Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh where Shajapur Collector questioned the driver about his status in a public meeting. Now after this video surfaced, Congress has also become an attacker.

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On this matter, Congress wrote on its official X platform – BJP will deal with the drivers like this.
Video- 1
Shajapur Collector is asking the drivers, what is your status?

Police officers are firing revolvers during the demonstration of drivers in Indore.

Mr. Modi,
First the oppression on farmers and now you are asking about the status of drivers.

“This ego will disappear soon”

Whereas Youth Congress President BV Srinivas wrote – During the meeting in Shajapur in view of the drivers' strike, DM Saheb said angrily: “What is your status?”
The answer came: “This is the fight that we have no standing.”

This fight against black law is only about status, Collector Saheb!

But unfortunately, neither you nor your Chief Minister, Home Minister and Prime Minister will understand this.

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