When and how did the Hathras incident happen?: From Baba’s arrival at the pandal to the stampede, the entire incident in a sequential manner

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The misfortune that happened in Fullerai Mughalgarhi village of Sikandrarao in Hathras on Tuesday, July 2, can hardly be forgotten. 121 people died in the stampede, most of whom are women. Many people were injured. After the incident, people are in pain and also angry at the negligence of the organizers. More than 2.50 lakh people had come to the event for which permission was taken for 80 thousand people. When and how did this accident happen? Who are the culprits behind this accident? How far has the police action reached so far? Let us know the answers to these questions.

Timeline of Hathras incident
July 2, 12 noon: Satsang begins
On Tuesday, July 2, the satsang of Saakar Vishvhari Baba alias Bhole Baba started in Fullerai Mughalgarhi village of Sikandrarao in Hathras. Despite the permission for 80 thousand people, more than 2.50 lakh people came to the satsang.

12.30 PM: Sakar Narayan Hari Baba arrives at the pandal

Saakar Hari Baba arrived at the pandal at 12.30 pm and the crowd got excited as soon as he arrived. Baba’s private army was looking after traffic management, water and other arrangements. According to eyewitnesses, people were not even allowed to take out their mobile phones during the satsang. Baba’s private army was beating anyone who was making a video with sticks.

12.45 pm: Baba’s discourse lasted for one hour
Despite the crowd of thousands, Baba gave only about an hour to the program. Whereas the crowd was eager to get a glimpse of Baba since morning. Local people are also raising the same question that if Baba had given two to four hours to the program, this accident would not have happened. Because then people would have kept coming and going and there would not have been a situation of the crowd leaving together.

1.47 pm: Aarti done
Aarti started at 1.47 pm. As soon as the Aarti started, there was a commotion among Baba’s followers. If the right steps had been taken at that time itself considering the situation, perhaps so many people would not have died.

02:00 PM: Baba announces end of the satsang
It is said that as soon as Baba announced the end of his satsang, his private army took over the entire arrangements at the venue. But neither Baba’s private army nor the policemen were enough to handle the crowd.

2 pm to 2.30 pm: Baba’s convoy left
According to the local people, when Baba’s convoy came out, the crowd was stopped. During this, the followers became uncontrolled in their desire to get the dust of his feet. During the stampede, people kept dying and Baba’s agents kept running away in their vehicles. No one stopped and tried to understand the situation.

2.30 pm: Crowd of men and women started falling on each other
There were restrictions on the sevadars while taking out Baba’s convoy. People broke their restrictions and ran and fell into the border of death. Some fell due to being pushed, some due to slipping. Some got their chest crushed and some got their head crushed.

3.15 pm: The bodies reached CHC and Trauma Center
Negligence has also been observed at the police and administrative level in the accident. After the stampede, the bodies reached the CHC and Trauma Center at 3.15 pm. Instead of treating 38 injured, the formality of referring them was completed. Some of these injured were referred to Aligarh, some to Hathras and some to Agra. The poor health services are largely responsible for increasing the death toll. In such a situation, the question arises that why there are no resources and staff at the trauma center built along the highway, which has been built only for such emergency services.

Police and eyewitnesses are considering the servants and security guards responsible
It is clear that the police and eyewitnesses have been holding the stick-wielding sevadars and security guards responsible for the incident since July 2. If they had not stopped and pushed, such a big incident might not have happened. When the stampede occurred, the sevadars did not even come forward to help. After this, they again tried to suppress the incident. If the nearby villagers had not come and called the police administration, it would have been too late. The death toll would have been even higher. As soon as the police and villagers arrived, these stick-wielding sevadars and special uniformed commandos and security personnel disappeared.

This is carelessness
– Despite permission for 80 thousand people, only 40 policemen were deployed
– There was no LIU input about gathering of crowd of more than 50 thousand
– 2 inspectors were present at the venue, including an inspector in charge
– Only 2 ambulances were deployed keeping this crowd in mind, not fire engines
– DM and SP were able to reach the spot after 2:45 hours
– Coordination between the officers could be established only at 6 o’clock

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