When the Chief Minister told the teachers and students which five qualities an ideal student should have

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Raipur. Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai, who arrived at the state level school entrance festival in Bagiya, was seen in the role of a teacher today. He reached the class among the children of Bagiya Middle School. While talking about studies, he told through the Sanskrit shloka- “Kak cheshta bako dhyanam, shvan nidra tathaiva cha. Alphaari griha tyaagi, vidhyarthi panchalakshanam” that an ideal student must have five qualities. A student should never accept defeat like a crow and keep trying to achieve his goals. Like a crane, he should work with concentration towards his goal. Like a dog, he should take required sleep and be alert. He should take a balanced diet and should have the ability to face challenges by leaving his comfort and coming out of his comfort zone.

Chief Minister Sai told the children that he too had studied in this school in Bagiya. At that time, classes upto primary level were held here. The roof was of tile and we used to sit on the ground and study. Once a week, all the children brought cow dung from their homes to plaster the place. Now the schools have become permanent. Chairs and tables have also been installed here. There are enough teachers too. All of you should study diligently. Work hard, use your time properly and achieve great heights.

Dream about what you want to be when you grow up

Chief Minister Sai asked the children what they wanted to become. Seventh grade student Purnima said that she wants to become a teacher and teach others. Chief Minister Sai praised the little girl for her thinking and said that teachers are nation builders. Similarly, student Rajendra Ram said that he wants to join the army. Chief Minister Sai, while wishing the children, said that everyone should dream about what they will become when they grow up. Only when you dream, will you make efforts to fulfill it. Education is the best medium to make all your dreams come true.

He told the children the story of his school days

While talking to the children, Chief Minister Sai recalled his school days and narrated an incident related to it. He told that when he was studying here, there was a ruckus among the elders that someone was injecting someone in the neck. Once a car stopped outside our school, we all thought that someone has come to inject us and we all jumped out of the school window and ran away. At that time there was no grill here and there was only a door frame. Chief Minister Sai said that the moments spent with his classmates remain as sweet memories for life.

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