Home Madhya Pradesh Youth's death case heated up: Family members accused of kidnapping and murder, FIR registered against 6 people

Youth's death case heated up: Family members accused of kidnapping and murder, FIR registered against 6 people

Youth's death case heated up: Family members accused of kidnapping and murder, FIR registered against 6 people

Yatnesh Sen, Depalpur. There has been heat over the death of a young man in Depalpur, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The relatives of the deceased have alleged kidnapping and murder. The matter became so heated that 2 SDOPs, TIs of 4 police stations and police forces remained deployed at the spot throughout the day and night on Sunday. Police have registered a case against 6 people. At present, the police have established a route and started investigating the matter.

Actually, this whole matter is of Ahirwas village of Depalpur. Where a young man from Jhabua district had come to work for village farmer Rakesh Gurjar. But he went away with the money. The farmer had brought the young man from his village two days ago. After which he ended his life by hanging himself on Sunday. On which his family members reached Jhabua police station and filed an application and made serious allegations against the farmer and his associates.

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The family alleges that two days ago, people of Ahirwas village had come to the house, put a bangle on the head of the deceased and took him away from the house. When we spoke on Sunday morning, the young man told that he had been brought to the place where he used to work earlier. Family members said that after some time again information was received that the youth had hanged himself. The family reached Depalpur and refused to conduct the post-mortem. He said that he will not be allowed to become PM until action is taken against the accused and their house is demolished.

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Here, as soon as information about the incident was received, Jhabua District President of JAIS also reached the spot. He demanded demolition of the accused's house and said that we will not allow the post-mortem to be conducted until action is taken. However, the police pacified the family members and the people of the organization and conducted the post-mortem of the youth. During this period, 2 SDOPs and TIs of 4 police stations were present on the spot. The police initially remained adamant on committing suicide. As soon as the information was received, other people of Jayas organization also reached the spot.

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In this case, Depalpur police station in-charge Ranjit Baghel says that a case of death of the youth due to hanging has come to light. Post mortem has been done. Now the matter will be investigated closely. The family members and Jayas leaders remained adamant on not taking the body. The body was taken away after a case was registered against 6 people. This entire matter has been taken under investigation, further action will be taken on the basis of whatever facts emerge.

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