12 killed in blast at Chhattisgarh gunpowder factory, 10 people blown to pieces…

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There has been a big blast in Chhattisgarh. 10 people have died in the blast. A big blast took place in the gunpowder factory of Bemetara. The Bemetara blast was so terrible that 10 people were blown to pieces. A blast took place on Saturday morning (today on 25 May, 2024) in the gunpowder factory of Special Blast Limited located in village Pirda of Berla block of Bemetara district, in which some people are reported to have died.. However, the incident has not been officially confirmed.

Due to the sound of blast in the gunpowder factory, people from nearby villages have gathered in large numbers at the spot. After the news of blasting, the district administration team has left for the spot. (Bemetara Blast) The accident has created panic in the area. According to sources, more than 10 people have died in the accident. The accident was so terrible that the bodies of those who were caught in the accident were torn into pieces. Many people have been trapped under the debris. The villagers of the area are angry due to the accident.

10 people were blown to pieces

After this, after travelling about 45 KM, when I reached Bamhni village of Kawardha, I stopped here and put my mobile online and saw the message. When I checked my Patrika group, I saw that there was a blast in a factory in Berla. Our crime reporter Narad Yogi had updated it in the group.. I was also shocked to see it.. I came to know that 10 people had died in the accident.

After the accident, 7 injured were brought from Bemetara to Mekahara Hospital in Raipur. One injured died during treatment in the hospital. The condition of many injured is critical. Apart from this, many people have been admitted to AIIMS Hospital and nearby hospitals including Mekahara Hospital. The hands and legs of the injured were broken in the accident.

Referred from Bemetara to Raipur

The injured have been referred from Bemetara to Raipur for treatment. One of the 7 injured has died. The other 6 are out of danger but their condition is still critical. The injured are being treated at Mekara Hospital in Raipur. After the accident, a crowd of people gathered around. The accident was so big that the sound of the tank blast was heard 5 kilometers away. There was smoke all around, flames of fire had spread.

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