32 wild monkeys died due to drowning in a well in Jharkhand

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Medininagar. 32 wild monkeys drowned while trying to drink water from an irrigation well amid scorching heat in Jharkhand’s Palamu district, a forest official said on Monday. The incident took place in Sorath village in Panki block and the bodies of the monkeys were found on Sunday, but officials are yet to ascertain the exact date of the incident.

“A total of 32 wild monkeys were found dead in an irrigation well in Lorsorath… the bodies have been fished out,” Medininagar Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Kumar Ashish told PTI. “The entire region is reeling under intense heat with the temperature hovering around 44-45 degrees Celsius.”

Ashish said, “The water sources in the area have almost dried up… wild animals are turning towards villages to quench their thirst… these monkeys drowned while trying to drink water.” He said that the well in which the monkeys drowned had a lot of water. He said that a post-mortem has been done, but the report has not been received yet. The DFO said that a few days ago, three jackals wandering in search of water in the Chainpur forest were found dead in a well.

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