A drunken lunatic attacked a Nagar Panchayat employee: He was taken to the hospital covered in blood, treatment is going on

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son killed his mother

A few days ago, the police in Pendra arrested the son who murdered his mother. The accused son killed his mother by repeatedly hitting her on the head with an iron rod.

He used to take money from his mother for his expenses

The accused Shivam Mishra of Patganwa village under Pendra police station area was suffering from some disease. He used to take money from his mother for treatment and his expenses. On Friday, when the accused son asked his mother for that money, the mother said that she did not have money. Angry at his mother for not giving him money for treatment, the accused started arguing with his mother. In anger, he picked up a rod and started beating his mother, due to which she got seriously injured.

death during treatment

After the fight, his mother was admitted to Bilaspur Hospital in a critical condition by the local people. Where his mother died during treatment. After which the police arrested Shivam, the accused in the murder case. After hearing the incident of the murder of the mother by the son, sensation spread in the area.

Child trafficking gang arrested

In Raipur, the police have arrested the accused involved in child trafficking. It is alleged that the accused woman used to buy children from poor families and sell them at high prices. In this entire case, the police have arrested 6 people including the accused woman from Civil Lines. A child has also been recovered from the woman’s possession.

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