Adopt the ideals of Lord Buddha for nation building: President’s message on Buddha Purnima

The Uncut

New Delhi. President Draupadi Murmu on Wednesday greeted citizens on the eve of Buddha Purnima and asked everyone to strengthen social harmony and pledge to build the nation by adopting the ideals of Lord Buddha. She said that Karunavtaar Lord Buddha has given the message of truth, non-violence, harmony and love for humanity and all living beings.

Murmu said, “Lord Buddha had said, ‘Appa Deepo Bhava’ i.e. become enlightened yourself. His teachings of tolerance, self-awareness and good conduct inspire us to serve humanity. His Eightfold Path paves the way for living a meaningful life.” According to a statement issued by Rashtrapati Bhavan, Murmu said, “Let us strengthen social harmony by adopting the ideals of Lord Buddha in our lives and take a pledge to build the nation.”

Buddha Purnima marks the birthday of Gautam Buddha, who was born in Lumbini, Nepal and attained salvation in Kushinagar, India. President Murmu said in the statement, “On the auspicious occasion of Buddha Purnima, I extend my hearty greetings and good wishes to all the citizens of the country and the followers of Lord Buddha across the world.”

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