After Amul, now Mother Dairy has also increased the price of milk, know the new rates…

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New Delhi: On Sunday, Amul increased the price of milk by Rs 2 per liter. This new price has come into effect across the country from June 3. On Monday, the very next day of Amul’s decision, Mother Dairy also increased the rate of milk. However, the price increase has been done only for Delhi-NCR. Like Amul, Mother Dairy has also increased the price by Rs 2. Mother Dairy said that it will increase the price of its liquid milk in all operating markets from June 3, 2024.

The price of milk is being increased by Rs 2 per litre. Mother Dairy’s full cream milk will now be available in Delhi-NCR at Rs 68 per litre. Toned milk will be priced at Rs 56 per litre. Double toned milk will be available at the rate of Rs 50 per litre. Buffalo milk will be available at Rs 72 per litre and cow milk at Rs 58 per litre. The prices of all types of milk have been increased by Rs 2 each. Mother Dairy took this decision just a day before the results of the Lok Sabha elections.

Mother Dairy has also increased the rate of token milk. Now the new price is 54 rupees per liter. Till yesterday (Sunday) this milk was available at 52 rupees per liter. On the decision of increasing the price, Mother Dairy said that for the last few months the company was buying milk at a higher price but the old rate was maintained for the people. Milk production has also been affected due to heat and it is likely to be affected in the future as well.

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