Air travel has become expensive: Vistara’s flight cuts, Delhi fares reaching up to twenty thousand

The Uncut

Raipur. Due to the reduction in one flight by Vistara Airlines company, the fare on Raipur-Delhi is reaching up to twenty thousand rupees. Due to its technical problems, the airline company is operating its flights in this sector sometimes in the morning and sometimes in the evening schedule till 31 May. Vistara operates only two flights between Swami Vivekanand Airport and Delhi, which fly in the morning and evening schedule. Due to technical flaws, the company has postponed one of its flights for a month. Its flights are operating sometimes in the morning and sometimes in the evening and this trend will continue till 31 May.

According to sources, despite having six flights, the fare of Raipur-Delhi remains high due to the maximum number of passengers. Even in the summer vacations, a large number of people are going for sightseeing. Due to the reduction of one flight, the fare of Raipur-Delhi has increased and if you buy the ticket 24 hours in advance, you have to pay up to twenty thousand rupees. Currently, four flights of Indigo and one flight of Vistara are on track. Sources say that after May 31, both the flights of Vistara will become regular, after which the fare may decrease slightly.

There will be changes in the rainy season

According to sources connected with the travel business, during the rainy season, airlines change the sectors for operating flights in view of the decrease in the number of passengers. There is also a possibility that some new cities may get air connectivity during the rainy season. The proposal to operate flights from Raipur to new sectors has been pending for a long time.

Flight from two cities to Prayagraj

Preparations are on to start flights from Bilaspur to Prayagraj in early June and all preparations for this have been done by the concerned airlines company. Along with this, preparations are on to start flights from Raipur to Prayagraj in the month of August. An official announcement is awaited for this.

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