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All these critical surgeries are done in Ambedkar Hospital, the hospital created a new record.

Raipur. Dr. Krishnakant Sahu, Head of the Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery (CTVS) Department of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Memorial Hospital, affiliated to Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru Memorial Medical College, organized a press conference and presented the account of the operation done last year in 2023.

Giving information through a press release, Dr. Krishnakant Sahu said that last year in 2023, 295 operations were done, including 74 open heart surgery operations including congenital heart disease (ASD, VSD, TOF, Ebstein anomaly, multiple valve replacement). And repair, operation of hole in the heart after heart attack (Post MI VSR surgery), Bentols aortic valve and aortic root replacement surgery etc.

All these critical surgeries are done in Ambedkar Hospital, the hospital created a new record. 5
All these critical surgeries are done in Ambedkar Hospital, the hospital created a new record. 6

80 operations of chest and lungs including lobectomy, pneumovectomy, complete and partial lung removal, lung cancer tumor, decortication and mediastinum tumor, bronchopleural fistula closure surgery etc.

141 operations on blood vessels including Femoral Femoral Cross Over Bypass, Femoral Popliteal Bypass, Right Carotid to Left Carotid and Subclavian Artery Bypass, Aortic Dissection, Aortic Aneurysm, Vascular Tumor, Vascular Trauma, C Loop PTFE, AV Fistula.

Head of the department, Dr. Krishnakant Sahu says that despite having very less doctors and nursing staff, this department has made this record and has won the trust of the people towards this institute. Expressing his gratitude towards his nursing staff, he said that many times they had to work for more hours than their stipulated time limit, which shows their attachment and affinity towards this department.

Dr. Krishnakant Sahu tells that whenever any open heart surgery or any critical operation is done in this department, he himself stays in this hospital on that day and does not leave until the patient comes out of critical condition. They are in I.C.U. I continue to provide my services. He thanked the cooperation of various departments like Cardiology, Radiology, General Surgery, Medicine Department, Pathology, Blood Bank, Anesthesia, Pediatric Department and Biochemistry etc. for carrying out such a successful surgery in such a short time.

Ambedkar Hospital Superintendent Dr. S. B. S. Netam has congratulated the entire team for all these successful surgeries done by Dr. Krishnakant Sahu and his team in the CTVS department. At the same time, gratitude has been expressed for maintaining people's faith in government institutions.

The extraordinary and record surgeries done by the CTVS department so far, which were done for the first time in the state and which were discussed in the country and abroad, are as follows –

1. In this department, for the first time in the state and central India, sutureless aortic valve transplantation was done.

2. Successful operation of Bentall's surgery in which the aortic valve as well as the aortic root is replaced. This is a very critical surgery and is done in very few centres.

3. Due to the hole in the heart after the heart attack, the heart was functioning only 20 percent. His surgery, which is called Post MIVSR surgery, was successful, in which the patient had to be kept in ICU for 59 days. Generally, the chances of survival of 99% of such patients are next to none.

4. A new record was set by successful operation of a very rare congenital disease called Ebstein Anomaly in three consecutive patients. This is the most successful operation for this disease ever done in any institute of the state.

5. Bypass surgery was performed along with implantation of mitral valve and tricuspid valve in a completely calcified (hard like limestone) heart. Such operations are done only in very few institutions in the world.

6. Successful surgery of the tumor of the Eustachian valve located inside the heart (this valve is located inside the right atrium between the inferior vena cava and the right atrium). Very few such operations have taken place in the world.

7.Chhattisgarh Aorta femoral bypass operation was performed for the first time in this institute.

8. Iliofemoral crossover bypass also happened for the first time in this institute.

9. A case of aortic dissection by hybrid technique in which the right carotid artery and jugular vein were connected to the left carotid artery and the vein of the left hand i.e. left subclavian artery, the first operation of this type in CG in this institute.

10. Superior mesenteric artery syndrome in which the intestinal artery shrinks. The patient experiences severe stomach pain as soon as he eats food. In that, bypass was done from aorta to superior mesenteric artery, this was also the first in the state.

11. C-loop AV fistula was created for the first time in this institute by applying a special type of graft when normal AV fistula was not formed in kidney failure.

12. Successful operation of Leiomyosarcoma of Inferior Venaceva has been done in this institute. So far, 13 such operations have taken place in the country and 213 in the world.

13. A three-year-old girl was operated on for a very large posterior mediastinal tumor. Such an operation at the age of three is very rare.

14. The first surgery of thoracic duct ligation in chylothorax caused due to accident has been done in this institute. So far 4 such operations have been done.

15. The first surgery for posterior mediastinal tumor was done in this institute.

16. The surgery of thymectomy by plasmapheresis in a patient of myasthenia gravis was done in this institute. The patient had to be kept in a ventilator for 42 days.

17. The first surgery of functional lobectomy of lung was done in this institute.

18. Many patients have been saved by making new ribs out of titanium when their chest ribs are broken due to accidents.

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