Bank account for Mahadev app opened with borrowers’ ID, transaction of Rs 1 crore

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Raipur. Rajendra Nagar police station has arrested a person and his two associates on the charges of opening bank accounts for Mahadev Satta App using the IDs of borrowers by lending them money. Police has seized 107 bank passbooks from the possession of the accused. Also, in the preliminary investigation, police has found out that there has been transactions of more than one crore rupees in the seized passbooks.

According to the police, Devpuri resident Nikhil Ahuja, Amlidih resident Sanjay Jaswani and Pandari resident Sunil Kushwaha have been arrested on charges of opening bank accounts for Mahadev Satta App using borrowers’ IDs. Police have arrested Nikhil on the complaint of Shatrughan Lal Jaiswal. Shatrughan has told the police that he had borrowed money from Nikhil once or twice when he needed it and had returned the money on time. Shatrughan has told the police that once again when he needed money, he had asked Nikhil for five thousand rupees. On this, Nikhil took a copy of Shatrughan’s PAN card and Aadhaar card and got him to sign the bank documents and kept it with himself.

Unknown call from Delhi to open an account

Accused Sanjay, arrested by the police, told the police that six months ago he received a call from an unknown number from Delhi. The caller lured Sanjay to provide an account for the Mahadev Satta app and promised to give him Rs 16,000. After this, Sanjay included his friends Nikhil and Sunil with him and started helping needy people by taking their IDs in his possession and opening accounts in the bank.

used to get 16 thousand

During interrogation, Sanjay told the police that those who operated the Mahadev Satta app used to give him Rs 16,000 per account. During interrogation, Sanjay told the police that after collecting the money from the people in whose names he opened accounts, he used to send it to Nagpur and Delhi via train. Sanjay and his associates used to send ATMs and cheque books along with the accounts. Sanjay used to give Rs 10,000 to Nikhil and Sunil in exchange for the accounts.

On receiving the information, a complaint was made to the police

Shatrughan has told the police that on Friday he got information about a bank account being opened in his name. After this, Shatrughan gathered information in this regard, then he came to know that Nikhil had opened a bank account by misusing his personal information, which is being used to transfer money for the Mahadev Satta app. After this, Shatrughan complained about the matter to the police.

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