Bansgaon neglected in BJP’s ‘double injustice government’, brass workers of Mirzapur ignored: Congress

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New Delhi. Congress on Sunday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi why his “double injustice government” failed to develop infrastructure in Bansgaon in Uttar Pradesh. The party also raised questions on the brass workers of Mirzapur being deprived of the schemes of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh asked several questions to the Prime Minister ahead of his rallies in Uttar Pradesh. He also asked why optical cable fiber connection has not been provided to every village till now.

Ramesh posted on social media platform ‘X’, “Today’s questions for PM’s UP visit:- Why has BJP’s ‘double injustice government’ failed to provide necessary infrastructure in Bansgaon? Why have brass workers of Mirzapur been deprived of Modi government’s schemes?” He also asked, “What happened to the outgoing PM’s promise of providing optic fibre connection to every village?” The PM addressed several election rallies in UP, including one in Mirzapur.

Ramesh said Bansgaon district has suffered great neglect at the hands of the BJP’s “double injustice government”. This (double injustice) was in reference to the use of “double engine” government by BJP leaders. The Centre and BJP-led state governments are called “double engine governments”. He claimed that the Bansgaon-Rudrapur road is still incomplete, which has been under construction for the last six to seven years. He said railway connectivity has also been a long-standing issue. Ramesh claimed that though the government has approved the Sahjanwan-Dohrighat railway line, it is now planning to shift the station away from Bansgaon.

He asked, “Dozens of villages in Bansgaon district are affected by floods, but they never get any help from the government. Can the outgoing Prime Minister explain why he ignored the plight of the people of Bansgaon?” The Congress general secretary also claimed that brass workers of Mirzapur have been excluded from the Modi government’s “One District, One Product” scheme.

He said that although the scheme is meant to encourage specific indigenous products and crafts, only big players have been able to benefit from it. He said, “The Modi government has repeatedly shown its inability or rather unwillingness to support India’s MSMEs. Can the outgoing Prime Minister tell us why he has excluded the brass artisans of Mirzapur from his government schemes?” The Congress leader said that on August 15, 2020, the Prime Minister had ‘resolved’ to provide optic fiber connection to all six lakh villages in India by 2023. Ramesh asked, “Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also claimed about this ambitious scheme in her budget speech, but after four years, the outgoing Prime Minister’s goal is nowhere to be achieved.”

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