Be cautious of BJP’s lies and ‘exit polls’ on the day of counting: Akhilesh

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Lucknow. Akhilesh Yadav, president of Samajwadi Party (SP), a major constituent of opposition alliance Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (IND), on Friday appealed to party workers to remain cautious and active on the day of counting of votes and said that the people of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) want to demoralize all of you by spreading lies.

He also requested that you all should not get influenced by any ‘BJP’ ‘exit poll’ and remain completely alert.
In a message addressed to workers, office bearers and candidates on the social media platform ‘X’, SP chief Akhilesh said, “Today I am making a very important appeal to you. All of you should remain fully alert, vigilant, cautious and cautious during voting tomorrow (Saturday) and even in the days after voting, till the counting of votes is over and you receive the victory certificate and do not get influenced by any kind of BJP.”

Explaining the reason behind his appeal, Yadav said in the same message, “Actually we are making this appeal because the BJP people have planned that as soon as the elections are over tomorrow evening, they will start getting their ‘media group’ to say on various channels that the BJP is getting around 300 seats, which is completely false.” The former Chief Minister said, “In such a situation, this question will arise in your mind that what will the BJP get by lying for two-three days, when the ‘India Alliance’ government is going to be formed.” Expressing apprehension of rigging in the counting of votes, he said that by spreading such lies, the BJP people want to demoralize all of you, so that your enthusiasm is reduced and you people do not remain careful and active on the day of counting, taking advantage of which the BJP can rig the counting of votes in connivance with some corrupt officials.

Referring to the Chandigarh mayor election, Yadav said that those BJP members who can have the shameless audacity to rig the Chandigarh mayor election in front of cameras installed by the court, can resort to any kind of fraud to win the election, that is why this alertness is necessary.

The SP chief said that people have to remain alert and confident without getting influenced by any BJP ‘exit poll’. He said that the victory of the constitution, democracy and the people of the country should be celebrated only after getting the certificate of victory. In the seventh and final phase in UP, voting will take place on Saturday for 13 seats and counting of votes will take place on June 4. There are a total of 80 seats in the state.

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