Betaal surgery for a rare disease during pregnancy, there was a blockage in the aorta of the heart

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Raipur. AIIMS doctors have relieved two patients from the problem of Morfan syndrome which arises during genetic changes in babies during pregnancy. The blockage in the aorta of their heart was removed through Bentall surgery. Their problem was becoming serious with increasing age. Doctors say that, according to a research by the American Heart Association, one in three to five thousand children is likely to have this disease from birth. 60 to 80 percent of patients require immediate surgery in case of this type of problem. After surgery, both the patients recovered for a few days.
He has been discharged from the hospital under the supervision of doctors.

A 35-year-old man from Durg and an 18-year-old school student from Kabirdham were brought to AIIMS for treatment of breathing problems. Investigation revealed a genetic disease in which the muscles and tissues of the heart and eyes do not develop due to problems in the chromosomes caused by genetic changes in the baby during pregnancy.
This poses a risk of excessive expansion of the aortic muscles of the heart, leakage, heart failure and aortic rupture. Its effects become more visible with increasing age. This causes symptoms of shortness of breath, extreme fatigue and weakness. A challenging cardiac surgery of about eight hours was completed.

The contribution of these doctors

The surgery of both the patients was done by AIIMS surgeons Dr. G. Saurabh, Dr. Nirupam Chakraborty, Dr. Pranay, Dr. Sneha and Chief Cardiac Anaesthetist Dr. Subata Singha, Dr. Jitendra. The preoperative examination was completed by Dr. Satyajit, Dr. Surendra Nayak and Prof. Narendra Bodhe, Dr. Anil, Dr. Sandeep, Dr. Akhilesh, Dr. Gaspar, Dr. Manish, Dr. Arpit, Dr. Amritansh.

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