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Big earning from honey: Beekeeping provides new source of employment, farmers are getting additional income from honey production.

Korea. In the modern era, farmers are also changing along with the times. Due to which they are becoming financially strong. Farmers are no longer limited to farming only. He has also expanded his scope. The state government is also running schemes to make farmers self-reliant. Due to which employment sources have increased in rural areas. Due to which farmers are living a better life. In this connection, farmers are also doing beekeeping. In which the government is providing financial assistance to the farmers. Awadh Bihari Jaiswal, a farmer from Korea district, and four other farmers in his group are taking major benefits of this. Farmers produced honey by beekeeping within just a month and are earning lakhs of rupees.

Beekeeping work is being done in Sakaria village of Khadgawan development block of Korea. Here the District Mineral Foundation Trust helped the farmers for beekeeping. In which 90 percent amount has been released from DMF to farmer Avadh Bihari Jaiswal for beekeeping. Due to which farmers had to invest only 10 percent. From DMF, farmer Avadh Bihari was provided 22 boxes for beekeeping and his group was provided a total of 110 boxes for bee colony.

Awadh Bihari, a farmer benefiting from beekeeping, says that there are a total of 5 farmers in his group. He contacted the Horticulture Department for beekeeping. Where the Assistant Director of the Horticulture Department provided 110 boxes of bees and colonies to the farmers under the District Mineral Trust Institute Scheme. After which farmers produced honey from mustard flowers. Awadh Bihari told that he produced 52 kg of honey from 22 boxes in 24 days and earned an income of Rs 11000. Farmers say that with the support they are getting, their confidence has increased and they will produce honey in a better way in the future. Will also give this information to other farmers also.

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