Big news of CG: Encounter in the jungles of Abujhmad, caste certificates made in the last 5 years will be investigated

The Uncut

Narayanpur. The encounter between the soldiers and the Naxalites is going on in the forests of Narayanpur Abujhmad. The soldiers have killed one Naxalite in the encounter. Just a day before, the security forces had killed seven Naxalites in the same area. The encounter is still going on in this area.

Caste certificates will be checked: Caste certificates made in Chhattisgarh in the last 5 years will be investigated. Investigation will be done after complaints of fake certificates being made. Deputy CM Vijay Sharma has issued a statement regarding the investigation of caste certificates. He said that the state government will investigate such fake certificates. After the decision of Kolkata High Court, the state government will take a big step.

Troubled by the heat: The scorching sun and humidity in Chhattisgarh has troubled people. The weather in the state continues to fluctuate. Now the temperature will remain stable for the next 3 days. There are chances of an increase in the maximum temperature after three days. There is a possibility of thunderstorms and rain at one or two places in the next four days. The maximum temperature of Durg was 42.6 degrees, making it the hottest district in the state.

PCC Chief Deepak Baij on tour of Kawardha district: PCC Chief Deepak Baij will be on a tour of Kawardha district today. He will leave for Kawardha from Raipur at 10 am. He will reach Semraha at 1 pm and meet the victims of the road accident. Baij will meet the victims along with local Congress leaders. Deepak Baij will return to Raipur from Kawardha at 6 pm.

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