Big revelation in contract killing: The shooters have a photo of the businessman and his house

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Raipur. The police have got many important information during the interrogation of four shooters of Jharkhand’s Aman Sahu gang who were caught while trying to create a stir by killing a businessman in the capital. According to the police, the criminals had reached Raipur with a complete plan to kill the businessman. The shooters who had reached Raipur to kill the businessman were to meet near Pachpedi Naka Chowk on Monday morning. After this, the plan was to kill the businessman by firing at him when he was leaving for office.

It is noteworthy that on Sunday, the police arrested three shooters of Aman Sahu gang from Raipur and one shooter from Rajasthan. The shooters had come to Raipur with the intention of killing coal and road contractors in Raipur and Raigarh for not paying extortion money. Before the criminals could execute the crime, the police succeeded in arresting the criminals after a 72-hour operation. The police is interrogating the criminals on eight-day remand.

First face-to-face encounter with Rohit

According to the police, Rajasthan gangster Pappu Singh alias Papsa was getting instructions from Malaysia. Pappu, sitting in Rajasthan, sent his two henchmen Mukesh Kumar, Devendra Singh to Raipur by bus via Madhya Pradesh. Rohit Swarnkar, a resident of Bokaro, Jharkhand, had reached Raipur two days before the two criminals. According to the police, the criminals who came from Rajasthan would have met Rohit for the first time at Pachpedi Naka. Before this, the three criminals were in touch with each other through internet calling.

Trying to escape to Bokaro via Odisha

According to the police, the criminals had left the bike on which they carried out the crime, abandoned it on the road, changed their getup and were trying to escape to Jharkhand, Bokaro via Odisha by stealing another vehicle. To avoid the toll of Mandir Hasaud and Arang, the criminals had planned to escape from Odisha to Bokaro via Mahasamund through the inner route via the state highway.

Had come with a full proof plan

According to the police, the shooters had made elaborate preparations to execute the incident. To avoid any mistake, the police has recovered the number of the car in which the businessman used to travel from the shooters. Along with this, the police has recovered the location map of the house where the businessman lives from the criminals. Along with this, the police has recovered the photo of the businessman’s house along with the photo of the businessman from the criminals.

There was a conspiracy to create chaos in the city

According to the police, after the murder of the businessman, Mayank Singh, who is sitting in Malaysia, had given instructions to catch the shooters and in case of any chase, to fire continuously on those who catch them as well as those who chase them. According to the police, before carrying out the incident, the criminals were planning to steal a bike in some area of ​​Raipur. They were planning to carry out the incident by tying a scarf on their face and wearing a black coloured fibre glass in their helmet to hide their identity.

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