BJP is responsible for unemployment and corruption in Haryana, it will have to pay the price: Priyanka Gandhi

The Uncut

Sirsa. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Thursday criticized the Bharatiya Janata Party government in Haryana for “unemployment, corruption and inflation”. The Congress leader said in a post on the social media platform ‘X’, “Haryana has the highest unemployment in the entire country, the price of which is being paid by the youth here.” She said, “The public is fed up with rampant inflation, corruption and BJP’s instability and is going to bring a big change.” Priyanka said, “There is a tremendous wave of the party in the state. Congress will win all the seats in the state with a huge margin.” Priyanka earlier led a road show in favor of party candidate Kumari Selja for the Lok Sabha elections to be held on May 25 in Haryana.

The roadshow continued for about an hour and during this time Priyanka, along with Selja and former Haryana minister Kiran Chaudhary, stood in an open vehicle and greeted the people by waving her hand. This is Priyanka’s first road show in Haryana. Congress workers were carrying the party flag in their hands in the road show and they raised slogans of “Congress Party Zindabad”. They also showered flowers on Priyanka. Kumari Selja is the main Dalit face of Congress in Haryana and she is pitted against BJP’s Ashok Tanwar. Tanwar was earlier in Congress and has been the president of Haryana Congress. Voting will be held on May 25 on all ten Lok Sabha seats of the state.

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