Bookie arrested: He used to deceive people by promising to double their money, had duped them of more than crores

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The police have arrested a cunning bookie who cheated a youth of Rs 5 lakh in Sakti. The accused also used to cheat people. So far, he has cheated more than 50 people of crores of rupees by making them believe that their money will be doubled in betting. After receiving a complaint in the case, the police have arrested the accused.

According to the information received, the accused Shivnandan Mahant, a resident of Kharsia, used to cheat people by promising to double their money. He deceived a person by promising to double his money if he invested in betting and extorted Rs 5 lakh from him. When he realized that his money was lost, he called to ask for his money back but Shivnandan Mahant’s phone was switched off. Then he complained about the matter to the police. The police have arrested the accused Shivnandan Mahant and are searching for another accused Ajay Sindhi.

This is how he used to cheat

When the police interrogated the accused, he told that he has cheated people in Gharghoda, Sarangarh, Sarsiva and other places. He used to take WhatsApp numbers and lure people into investing in the share market, gambling and telling casino numbers to increase their money. He is so clever that people easily fall into his trap. He told that along with his friend Ajay Sindhi, he has cheated more than 50 people of crores of rupees so far.

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