Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai’s second public darshan on July 4

The Uncut

Raipur. The second Jandarshan of Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai will be held on Thursday, July 4. In Jandarshan, Chief Minister Sai will directly communicate with the citizens from all over the state and will also take applications related to their problems. It is noteworthy that the Jandarshan has been organized in the Chief Minister’s residence since last week. A large number of citizens participated in it, and also submitted applications related to their various problems and demands to the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister himself saw all the applications and directed the departmental officers to resolve them quickly. In Jandarshan, Divyang people were also provided quick assistance. Tokens were provided to all the citizens who came in the last Jandarshan and their applications have been uploaded in the Jandarshan portal and action is being taken on it quickly.

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