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Chief Minister's initiative: Ittepara lit up with electric light, only lantern and lamp were the support for the whole year

Raipur. Under the leadership of Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai, the remote tribal dominated areas of the state are developing at a fast pace. Even in the remote areas of Bastar region, basic facilities like roads, health, education, water and electricity are being provided on priority. People have started getting electricity again in Ittepara village of Sukma district after a year. The entire village is illuminated with lights. Read this also: CG Budget 2024: Efforts will be made to cater to every section in the budget, a glimpse of Modi's guarantee will be seen, there will be a road map to take the state to new heights – OP Choudhary

For the villagers of Ittepara, who have been living in the era of lanterns and lamps for a year, the arrival of electricity again in the village is like a new light of development. The fate of the village, which was a geographically inaccessible settlement and was also identified as a sensitive area from security point of view, is now going to change. The villagers are very happy as the problem of living in darkness is over.

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Regarding the problems caused by lack of electricity, the villagers say that they had to complete all their work by the evening and shut themselves in their homes and were forced to go anywhere at night with only the help of lanterns and lamps. However, for the villagers of Ittepara living in the era of lanterns and lamps, electrification in the village has brought the light of development. For this the villagers thanked Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai and Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma.

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It is noteworthy that Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma had visited village Ittepara on February 3 during his stay in Maoist terror-affected Sukma district and met the people. The villagers told him that there was no electricity in their village for the last one year. There was electricity here a year ago. Deputy Chief Minister Sharma had instructed the officials of the electricity distribution company to ensure the supply of electricity within a week.

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