Corpses in black membranes: No complete body was found, eight still missing

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Bhilai. Angry with this incident, the villagers and the relatives of the missing workers are protesting by pitching tents at the factory gate. The victims are demanding that the families of the deceased be given Rs 50 lakh as financial assistance and government jobs be given to the dependents. A huge explosion occurred at 7:55 am on Saturday at Special Blast Private Limited Borsi-Pirda in Bemetara Berla Block. The gunpowder blast was so powerful that the ground shook in villages within a radius of 20 to 25 kilometers. It was as if there was an earthquake; an atmosphere of fear was created among the villagers.

The blast created a 20 to 25 feet deep trench at the spot

In this blast in the gunpowder factory PTN plant, a 20 to 25 feet deep trench was formed on the spot and the three-storey factory turned into rubble. 10 workers working in the first shift in this plant are buried on the spot. The explosion was so horrific that many pieces of human body parts are scattered here and there. Since the incident, the SDRF team is running the rescue operation. On the initiative of the district administration, a large contingent of NDRF reached the gunpowder factory at 7 am on Sunday and started a joint operation with the SDRF team. 10 to 15 JCB machines and team personnel are continuously working to remove the debris. Different parts of human body parts are also being found from the debris. These are being collected in large black colored polythene. It is possible that the rescue operation will be completed by late night.

Police registered the missing of 8 workers

Bemetara Kandkar police has registered a missing report on the information of the family members of eight workers who went to work in the first shift on Saturday at the gunpowder factory located in Pirda. Police post in-charge Mayank Mishra told Haribhoomi that the workers who went to work in the factory are missing since 7 am on Saturday. There is also a possibility that these workers are buried under the debris of the factory.

demonstration in front of the gate

Here, the family members of the missing workers and a large number of villagers from the surrounding area are protesting by putting up a pandal near the factory gate. Kranti Sena chief Amit Baghel has also reached the spot with his workers and is expressing his displeasure. Talking to journalists, Amit Baghel said that it is not yet clear how many workers have lost their lives in the gunpowder factory accident, but the horrific situation of the accident is likely to have killed 10 to 12 workers. Amit Baghel has demanded that the family members of the deceased be given Rs 50 lakh compensation and government jobs to the dependents. Baghel said that the agitation will continue until the condition of the workers becomes clear and the demands are met. The Bemetara administration has taken 9 family members of the missing workers inside the factory since afternoon, but at 7 pm, the complete body of any worker had not been recovered.

these missing

Ward-12 Village Pirda resident Ramkishun Dhruv alias Raju (19), Bhimuri Neeraj Dhruv son of Jaikumar Dhruv (25), Ward-15 Ufra Shankar Yadav son of Churavan Yadav (20), Ward-2 Borsi Nahar Yadav son of Manharan Yadav (37), Ward-3 Borsi Dangendra Sahu son of late Santosh Kumar Sahu (35), Ward-18 Gabda Loknath Yadav son of Tularam Yadav (19), Ward-11 Village Pirda Vijaykumar Devdas son of Munnalal Devdas (25), Ward-13 Pirda Pushpraj Devdas son of Hiralal Devdas (22)1

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