Corruption is at its peak in BJP government, commission up to 40 percent is being taken: Digvijay Singh

The Uncut

Maharajganj. Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Sunday alleged that corruption is at its peak under the BJP rule and currently 28 to 40 percent commission is being taken for government works. Addressing a rally organized in support of party candidate Virendra Chaudhary at Adda Bazaar of Nautanwa Assembly, Singh said, “Corruption is at its peak in the BJP government and 28 to 40 percent commission is taken for government works.”

He said, “Modi government has taken three times the loan taken between 1947 and 2014. Rs 150 lakh crore has been taken in nine years. “Contractors come from Gujarat and after work they go back to Gujarat.” He also said that the Constitution will be changed if 400 seats are won in the Lok Sabha elections. Singh said that many BJP MPs and leaders are expressing their intention to change the Constitution. He said, “This in itself indicates why there is a need to cross the 400 mark?” Voting in Maharajganj will be held on June 1.

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