Desi home remedies to prevent nose bleeding during summer season

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Home Remedies To Prevent Nose Bleeding: Many people often complain of nose bleeding in summer. In common parlance, this problem is called nose bleeding. There can be many reasons behind nose bleeding such as allergy in the nose, damage to the internal nerves or blood vessels of the nose, extreme heat, excessive consumption of chili-spices, lack of nutrients in the body, injury to the nose, sinus, malaria, typhoid, excessive sneezing, excessive rubbing of the nose, etc. If you are also troubled by the problem of nose bleeding in summer, then these home remedies can help you in solving your problem.

Follow these home remedies for nose bleeding in summer –

Close your nose-

If your nose suddenly starts bleeding, immediately close your nose by pressing it gently. Doing this puts pressure on the nasal septum, which can stop the bleeding. While doing this, breathe through your mouth. Doing this remedy for about 1 minute will stop the nose bleeding.

Ice Cubes –

In case of nose bleeding, place an ice cube pack on the nose with light pressure for 2-3 minutes. By doing this, the coldness of the ice will reach inside the nose and the nose bleeding can stop. The coldness of the ice reduces the time taken for blood to clot and stop bleeding.

Onion juice-

You can also try the onion remedy for nose bleeding. For this, grind the onion in a mixer and squeeze out its juice. Now dip a piece of cotton in onion juice and keep it on the nose for 2-3 minutes. The smell of onion can help in blood clotting, which can stop bleeding.

Ice compress

Applying ice to the nose also helps in bleeding. For this, wrap ice in a clean cotton cloth and apply it to the nose.

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