Development is the main issue, PM is not talking about Hindu-Muslim, but is telling the truth of opposition parties: Dhami

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New Delhi. Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has said that development is the biggest issue for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Lok Sabha elections. He completely refuted the allegations against Prime Minister Modi regarding ‘Hindu-Muslim’ bias in these elections and said that the reality is that he (Modi) is telling the ‘truth’ of the opposition parties to the country. In an interview to ‘PTI-Bhasha’, Dhami claimed that there is a ‘wave’ of Prime Minister Modi in the entire country and there is not an iota of doubt that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) will win 400 seats and Modi will take charge of the country for the third consecutive time. .

He said, “The ground reality is that Prime Minister Modi ji, a wave is going on in the entire country. He is heavier than everyone. Even in the southern states, in the scorching heat, lakhs of people are coming to hear and see him. Be it Telangana, Bengal or Odisha, our seats are going to increase in numbers much more than in the previous elections. NDA will cross 400 and Modiji will become Prime Minister again… there is no doubt about it.” When asked the reason for this, the Chief Minister said, “The people of the country have seen the work done by the Prime Minister. Due to the penance he has done for the country, people are also eager to give him the results of that penance. There is tremendous enthusiasm about him among women and youth.”

In this sequence, Dhami talked about decisions like removal of Article 370 from Kashmir, surgical strike against Pakistan, construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya, abolition of triple talaq and Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the Center’s efforts ranging from Jan-Dhan to farmer respect and poor welfare. Referring to all the schemes of the government, he said that the Prime Minister has worked considering the countrymen as family.

When asked that when everything is in favor of the NDA, then why are the Prime Minister accused of ‘Hindu-Muslim’ during the elections, on this Dhami said, “Our main issue is development, but at the same time the opposition It is also the responsibility of the party to present the truth of the parties before the public.” He said, “When the Congress manifesto was released and the statements of Congress leaders came… the statements of the people of ‘Indi’ alliance came… then it became necessary to tell these things to the country. When the Prime Minister started telling the same things to the country, then these people feel that development is not an issue.” He said, “Our main issue is development, but the country should also know the truth of the opposition parties.” The Chief Minister said that when the manifesto of BJP is released, the resolution of uniform civil code within the country comes forward, whereas when the manifesto of Congress comes out, there is mention of ‘Personal Law’ in it.

He said, “Personal law is there only… It does not seem that this is the manifesto of Congress. It is clear that this has been brought for appeasement. Not attending the consecration of Lord Ram, abusing Sanatan, Lalu ji (Lalu Prasad) talking about reservation for Muslims, you have brought a special class among OBCs in Karnataka. This work has already been done in United Andhra…It is also important to tell all this truth to the people of the country.” Dhami, who has been campaigning continuously in various areas of Delhi for the last few days, claimed that BJP will win all the seats in the national capital along with Uttarakhand.

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